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This video shows a military games event held in Brazil in 2013, not the Pakistani army

A video has been viewed more than a million times in multiple posts on Facebook which claim it shows Pakistani army officers winning a military competition against US army officers. The claim is false; this footage actually shows an event in the 60th World Military Pentathlon Championship held in Brazil in 2013, which neither Pakistan nor the US participated in.
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The Pressing Matter of the Freedom of Press: authorities becoming increasingly hostile towards reporters

Despite constitutional protections, the ability to report freely is increasingly under attack in Hong Kong.
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Logic of Practice: Examining the work of Bourdieu on practice and theory

There exists a dichotomous divide in social theory which seeks to explain the actions of individuals either as a result of pre-defined rules and structures (structuralism) or as an exposition of their own choice-laden actions (subjectivism). Bourdieu (1990b) examined this divide in the context of the diametrically opposing paradigms offered by Levi-Strauss and Sartre, the ideas of which he viewed holistically as the logic of theory that underpins the practice of Sociology. By outlining his critique of these theories, Bourdieu tried to overcome the dichotomies and in doing so posited his logic of practice- referring to the logic of the actions of social agents and how they are meant to be examined. This essay aims to illustrate his ideas on said nature of social theory and the underpinning logic of its development and then juxtaposes this with his logic of practice.
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